Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Martin Tyler Staying at SKY

Count Them Down...12 More Wins!

Sir Alex has confirmed that 12 wins will win United the title. I agree that 12 will win it, but as I mentioend earlier last week, I think 9 may be enough.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Rooney's Stunner from Saturday

FA Cup Fifth Round Draw

United draws Reading at home. Although this looks like the game could be a "gimme", I think it could be tough. Much like Pomey was on Saturday, I believe Reading will clog the mid-field and look for a draw. United have taken four points from Reading so far in two games, but the games have been relatively close. The best of the rest leaves Chelsea with an easy home draw and Arsenal still to play Bolton in a fourth round re-play.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

FA Cup Review

The fourth round for United can be summed up in two words: Rooney & Riley. First, Rooney's second goal was sublime. United have lacked that type of class since Beckham was playing on the wide right. The best part of the goal was that United needed it to record a tough 2-1 win.

Second, Mike Riley was "pants" today!!! He missed a clear header by Vidic in the first half; incorrectly agreed and ruled an offside on Larsson's second half strike; and allowed Pompey's goal despite what looked pretty obvious to be an ubstruction on several Portsmouth players. This is two games in a row where I thought the officiating didn't match the quality of the game.

All in all, a hard fought win...despite the lack of another clean sheet.

Monday is the Fifth Round draw.

Friday, January 26, 2007

FA Cup Preview

I think Sir Alex will roll-out a relatively strong team for tomorrow's cup tie. Given the recent failings of the back four, I believe Ferguson will start an unchanged side from the Arsenal game as a means to straighten them out. You could see Larsson and Rooney sacrificed for Saha and Solskjaer. In addition, I believe you could see Giggs move to the inside with either Carrick or Scholes dropped to the bench. Last, I think you may see Kuszczak in goal and VDS on the bench.

Pompey are a strong outfit that will most likely play for the draw. As such, l predict a late United goal (e.g. Villa last month) and advancement into the next round 1-0.

See others considered for tomorrow's game.

The Future's So Bright....

Rooney to Replace Isiah as Coach of Knicks

I found this quite interesting that Wayne Rooney may be buying into CABLEVISION, the parent company of Madison Square Garden (e.g. New York Knicks).

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Fulham Protests

Fans unite to NOT purchase anything while at February game.

What is Mourinho to Do???

I think this more than anything is what may ultimately move Mourinho away from Stamford Bridge. Mourinho has always been loyal to his coaching staff and the forced exclusion of these coaches, could be the straw that breaks the camels back.

Covert Operation

It appears Chel$ki will go to all ends, to stop this Man United run.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Future American World Cup Stars

Now that the Bob Bradley period of reign has commenced, it is time to begin thinking about the next World Cup and where the American talent is going to come from. I have heard that Bradley plans on looking at homegrown and groomed talent for these initial "friendlies", before he brings in the big guns.

This tactic is really more by-product of the fact that the European seasons are going on while these friendlies are taking place. I think it will be real interesting once the European season goes on National break and see who might emerge as future stars.

I think the following individuals have really solidified themselves over the last few months in Europe and deserve strong consideration for starting spots:

Carlos Bocanegra - Starting and contributing in defense for Fulham
Jay DeMerit - Playing real well for Watford in the EPL
Tim Howard - The rock at the back of one of the EPL's best defenses
Oguchi Onyewu - Chelsea is considering him for central defense as protection for John Terry
Jonathan Spector - Starting for struggling Charlton

The most important task in my mind is to bring in guys who have played at the highest level of competition. If you look at the best American players over the last few World Cups, they have been players who played in the best European Leagues (e.g Freidl, Reyna, Kellor, McBride); not the run-outs that have started recently (e.g. Donovan, Albright, Ching, Wolff, etc.).

How I Feel The Rest of the Season Will Shake Out

After reviewing the remaining schedule for United & Chelsea (I feel Liverpool and Arsenal are just too far back in the table to compete), this is how I predict the rest of the season to shake out. United would fall short of the 90 points barrier, which I think is plausible. Even if United lost one more game than Chelsea the rest of the way, the gap I believe is too big (goal differential is worth at least a draw the remainder of the season).


Wins: 9
Draws: 3
Losses: 2 (Liverpool (Away) & Chelsea (Away))
Total Points (at Season End): 87


Wins: 10
Draws: 2
Losses: 2 (West Ham (Away) & Arsenal (Away))
Total Points: 83

I believe Sir Alex said once that five losses should win you the league in most years and that would be where United would end this campaign.

Chelsea Great Shows No Sympathy

History in United's Favor

The Telegraph makes a strong argument in United's favor going-forward.

Monday, January 22, 2007

ITVN & My Dilemna

Since I signed up for ITVN I have been in proverbial soccer viewing HELL! In between buffering and not being able to DVR the games I watch, I haven't felt comfortable on my couch watching tv. You should see the troubles I go through in order to get my system up and running every time I want to watch a game on Setanta. Unplug my modem, unplug my wireless adapter, unplug ITVN...wait for my modem to re-cycle, plug my adapter back in , plug ITVN back in...and cross my fingers and hope it works. This can go on all morning long. All known attempts to fix the situation, lead to this circular system.

Dilemma you ask? When do I sign-up for Directv? I have committed myself with ITVN through September 2007, so I figure why should I change now? However, the quality of ITVN is poor and although the capital outlay for Directv would be steep, I could actually keep my marriage together and keep my natural hair color!!!

No Worse Off

Arsenal Wenger pretty much said the same yesterday and I tend to agree. Sure its a massive blow towards gaining the three points and potentially putting a few nails in Chelsea's coffin, but United is no worse off than before the weekend started.

I still have a few unanswered questions/thoughts from yesterday's game:

  1. Why Larsson and not Saha? Is Ferguson sending a message to Saha, or just resting him up for the Cup game this Saturday?
  2. The 4-5-1 formation as I read it yesterday, sure didn't net much.
  3. Is there more to our lack of clean sheets over the last month and a half?
  4. Depth in mid-field is a concern. Hargreaves, Duscher, Diarra, someone!!!